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Sulphites in wine - The great headache dabate

Hello! I’m Doctor Divera. Let me take a minute and tell you a little bit about myself for those of you who don’t know me yet. I’m a medical doctor by profession, a mother of two, violinist, I love to play field hockey and sliding of the mountains on my ski's and besides that, I have a passion for food and wine. 

I love to cook, I enjoy thinking about new recipes, cooking for my family and friends, and planning menus for dinner parties and paring the meals with beautiful wine. My favourite wines are Viognier (white) and Brunello (red).

I love wine so much that I decided to follow an in-depth and extensive course at the Wine Academy in the Netherlands. During my wine study, I learned about sulphite in wine. Sulphite is present in all wines through the natural fermentation processes during winemaking, and through addition as a preservative, it protects the wine from oxidation, loss of freshness and fruit and without such the wine loses its colour and turns brown. Sulphite is officially an allergen substance, which can give you reactions such as an asthma attack or headaches.

In recent years I have been suffering from these sulphites in the wine myself. And because I strongly believe that wine is something to enjoy, I started looking for a solution to drink wine sulphite-free. And luckily I found it with The Wine Drops! This is a simple natural product. It converts the free sulphite in the wine into sulfate through the use of hydrogen peroxide. Fortunately, it does not influence the taste of your wine. The very next day I started implementing The Wine Drops in my life. It works! I am so happy. The Wine Drops are a simple and natural solution for reducing the sulphites in wine, it is safe to use.

Martine D. Nipshagen - MD
Creator of #thehalfrulemethod 💻course
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