In white wine, rosé, red wine and sparkling wine, sulphites are used as a preservative and is also a natural by-product of the fermentation process.  
​In some wines, winemakers add additional sulphites to prevent wine from oxidation.  Yes, these preservatives/sulphites are very important to maintain wine freshness, but as soon as you open that bottle of wine or sparkling wine for consumption, there is no more need for the wine to be preserved.  
This is the perfect moment, whereby adding The Wine Drops™ to either your glass or the bottle of wine, you neutralise the sulphites/preservatives.  
You've just greatly reduced the preservative levels in your glass. Without altering the taste.  Reduced preservative levels in your wine results in a more enjoyable experience.

* The Wine Drops™ is scientifically tested by a SANAS accredited laboratory.  It consists of a formula of permitted additives winemakers have been using for decades to neutralise the levels of sulphites in wine.

The Wine Drops™ bring relief by reducing the preservatives (sulphites) in all wines.

All you need to do is drop 2-3 drops of our special formula of The Wine Drops™ into your wine, swirl for 30 seconds and enjoy wine again.
It's elegant, easy to use, discreet and does not alter the aroma or taste of the wine.

The Wine Drops™

The Wine Drops™ reduces the sulphite/preservative levels in white wine, red wine... 

The Wine Drops - Reduce sulphites in all wines in 3 easy steps, just #DropSwirlDrink

The Wine Drops™ is specifically formulated to reduce the sulphites in all wines.

Use the dropper bottle to add 2-3 drops to a glass of wine (or 5-10 drops to a full bottle) before drinking. This will reduce the preservative content found in wine. Swirl and wait 30 seconds.

It's elegant, easy to use, discreet and does not alter the aroma or taste of the wine.

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"It works! I am so happy. The Wine Drops™ is a simple and natural solution for reducing the sulphites in wine, it is safe to use."

Dr. Martine D. Nipshagen - MD

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